Black Sun, Cork (2009 - 2013)

Luther Price

Luther Price

"Black Sun is a space where the adventurous can gather, whatever their musical preference, to find something new, strange and fantastic; a space where the experimental is not something clique-ish for the afficionado, but precisely the opposite – an opening of possibility."

Bringing world-class experimental experiences to Cork audiences

Black Sun was an outer limits/weirdo music and experimental film event that first erupted in May 2009. Programmer Vicky Langan has invited many renowned makers of strange sounds from around the world to play for the first time in Ireland– performance artist Jean-Louis Costes, Oblivia and Ju Suk Reek Meate from free music pioneers SmegmaJozef van Wissem, Blood Stereo, John Wiese, Sudden Infant, Family Battle Snake, Mark Durgan, Michael Prime, Usurper, Daniel Higgs, Adam Bohman, Steve McCaffery, Peter Manson, With Lumps, Crank Sturgeon, ID M Theft Able, Mike Gangloff, Okkyung Lee, Áine O' Dwyer, Richard Dawson and more.


Bringing radical, experimental film to Cork

Since 2009, Black Sun had complemented its live acts with film programmes that chimed with its commitment to bringing world-class experimental experiences to Cork audiences. Curated by experimental filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain, the Black Sun screenings introduced the work of such major underground film figures as Iván Zulueta, Stéphane Marti, the Buharov Brothers, Luther Price and Piero Bargellini to Irish audiences. "In presenting recognized masters like Jeff Keen and Ben Rivers alongside equally brilliant, if less well known, talents from the past (Etienne O’Leary) and present (Oriol Sánchez), Black Sun keeps opening its audiences’ eyes ever wider…"