Hunter's Moon Score Trail 2013

A post on about the Hunters Moon Festival Score Trail 2013. Caroline and Jennifer Walshe invited a number of artists to visually respond to graphic scores from invited composers and the results were distributed throughout the Dock Arts Centre and the town of Carrick-On-Shannon.

My piece, Wire Music, After Bettystown  was a response to Japanese performer/composer/sound poet  Tomomi Adachi's graphic score For Piano and 2 Graters.  

Here is a link to a pdf of all of the work in the Score Trail. Features Erin Gee, D. Edward Davis, Travis Just, Anthony Kelly, John Godfrey, Joe Kudirka, James Saunders, Tomomi Adachi, Karen Power, Anton Lukoszevieze, Danny McCarthy, Amnon Wolman, Istvan Zelenka, Alvin Curran, Paul McGuire, Jennifer Walshe, Sandra Lulei, Vicky Langan, Natalia Beylis, Felicity Ford, Caroline Walshe, Gavin Prior.

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New Irish Underground Film at Spectacle, New York


Experimental Film Society @ Spectacle Theater, New York NOVEMBER 2013 from EFS Video Archive on Vimeo.

Tangled And Far, the latest collaboration between Max Le Cain and myself, will premiere at Spectacle Theater in New York this Thursday 21st at 10pm.


This screening is part of a whole programme of films Max and I have made. Also showing: ContactWölflinge 17/11/'10Light/Sound,HereunderDesk 13 and Dirt.

Our programme is, in turn, part of a six-programme series devoted to New Irish Underground Film, specifically by members of Experimental Film Society, curated by Donal Foreman. Dean Kavanagh's superb feature A Harbour Town is also playing on the 21st. Full details here.

Tangled and Far - New Langan/Le Cain film

Tangled And Far is the most recent collaboration between Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain. Drawing on footage of Langan’s performances over the past two years, as well as scenes specifically shot for this video, it foregrounds the overlap between intimate domestic detail and its reflection in Langan’s performance work. The private and public projections of her presence and actions collapse into each other in this phantasmagoric continuum of alternate selves and self-images to form a fractured dream portrait. 

Exerimental Film Society - SeeSound

Exerimental Film Society - SeeSound

Cork Film Centre Gallery and The Guesthouse present Seesound 2013, a day of film/sound screenings, performances and installations by Experimental Film Society and friends, in association with IndieCork.

Sun Oct 20th, 12.30 - 6.30pm, Cork Film Centre Gallery, Ballincollig, Co. Cork

Initiated by The Guesthouse, Seesound is a unique artist-led initiative that enables sound artists, musicians and moving image-makers to form new collaborations to explore the effective relationship between sound and image. The 2013 edition, taking place on October 20th as part of the IndieCork Festival, is a collaboration between Experimental Film Society, The Guesthouse and Cork Film Centre, which will take the form of a day of screenings, performances and installations. This year, the venue for Seesound will be Cork Film Centre Gallery in Ballincollig, Co. Cork.

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Meitheal tape sold out at source | Liminal TUSK review

MEITHEAL tape sold out: try @lokirecords @wingnutgalway or Into the Void if you missed it. Almost out of some others

— Fort Evil Fruit (@FortEvilFruit) March 9, 2013

And somewhat related to the tape, here's a teeny excerpt from a TUSK review that Rich Hughes did for the Liminal:

Antidotes to the noise came in the form of more rustic and acoustic artists that littered the bill. Meitheal (an Irish word for a work team or gang), a trio of Mike Gangloff, Vicky Langan and David Colohan, played folk songs, tinged with ancient lore. Prior to singing, Langan and Colohan passed between them an old folk songbook which they used for direct inspiration and the set had the feeling of something ritualistic, with each member taking the lead for one piece. The semi-improvised cries slow harmonium drones, while Gangloff’s violin was allowed to sweep and soar.

Photo by Andy Newcombe

MEITHEAL - Early in the Spring, Late in the Fall

Mike Gangloff is best known as a member of drone improvisers Pelt and Spiral Joy Band, as well as Appalachian old-time outfit The Black Twig Pickers. In March of last year he performed at one of Vicky Langan's Black Sun events in Cork, alongside David Colohan's Raising Holy Sparks, and the Cork Sacred Harp Singers, with which Langan is  involved. The three musicians played a short piece togethe

r to close the show. The trio, now named


, reconvened to appear at Newcastle's Tusk Festival in October.

The material here is largely culled from the Sacred Harp tradition, with vocals backed by Gangloff and Langan's twin fiddles and

Colohan's harmonium and shruti box drones. On the Tusk recording, each member sings lead in turn (culminating in what may be Colohan's finest recorded vocal to

date). The unadorned, unaffected approach allows the musicians' characters, and the traditions that shaped them, to shine through. In this way the music effortlessly reunites the folk traditions of Ireland and the Southern United States, while being informed by the hillbilly drone of Henry Flynt. Songs that date from as far back as the 19th century are placed in an unusual yet sympathetic context, retaining their directness and emotional power. 

This release consists of both the Cork and Newcastle sets, as well as a rehearsal prior to the latter, and so contains Meitheal

's entire recorded work to date. 

Early in the Spring, Late in the Fall by Meitheal

Mike Gangloff - voice & fiddle 

Vicky Langan - voice & fiddle 

David Colohan - voice, harmonium & shruti box 

1.1: Recorded by Sam Grant, October 6th 2012 at the Tusk Festival in The Star & Shadow, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. 

2.1: Recorded March 8th 2012 at Black Sun in Plugd, Cork, Ireland during a solar storm. 

2.2: Recorded October 6th 2012 during rehearsals for the Tusk set. 

Artwork by David Colohan. 

Pan illustration from 1920 songbook of "The Quaker Singer", David Bispham. 

Thanks to Lee Etherington (Tusk), Sam Grant and Carapace.

Numbered edition of 100. Includes download code.