Wurm im Apfel - International Literature Festival Dublin
DJ for Cúirt Literary Festival's 30th birthday
DJ for Wildscreen film event, Connemara, Co. Galway

Penultimate Press/Kye Festival at Cafe OTO, London
Sacred Harp Workshop with Phil Tyler -Tusk Festival, Newcastle
DJ set throughout Tusk Festival, Newcastle
An Evening with Pauline Oliveros -the Guesthouse, Cork

Tusk Festival w/ Mike Pride
DJ set throughout Tusk Festival, Newcastle
Richard Youngs, Áine O Dwyer, Vicky Langan -Triskel Arts Centre, Cork

Extreme Rituals - A Schimpfluch Carnival - The Arnolfini, Bristol (Panel discussion, Wölflinge performance and Dave Phillips & Vagina Dentata Organ participation)
Charley Patton / The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 listening recital at Rory Gallagher Music Library.
Group performance at St Georges Church, Hunter's Moon Festival.
Meitheal -Tusk Festival, Newcastle
Sacred Harp Workshop with Phil Tyler -Tusk Festival, Newcastle
Langan / Le Cain event at The Black Mariah, Cork, Ireland
Raising Holy Sparks -Galway underground
Langan/ Le Cain -DIRT (w/ Wölflinge performance)  The Avant Festival, Cork
w/ SAFE -Plugd Records at the Triskel Arts Centre
La Société des Amis du Crime -DJ'ing in Gulpd
Wölflinge at the Galway Arts Centre
Wölflinge (Lydia Lunch // Wölflinge :: IN ORDER OF 5 YEARS -THE BLACK MARIAH)
Gnawing Me, Gnawing You debut gig, Fredz, Cork
Wölflinge and First Blood Part II (Black Sun presents John Wiese at the TDC, Cork)
Raising Holy Sparks (Grouper show) Unitarian Church, Dublin.
Wölflinge and First Blood Part II -Days on End Festival, Cork
Panel discussion at Theatre Development Centre, Triskel Arts Centre

Wölflinge and First Blood Part II -Black Sun at Plugd Records, Cork
Panel discussion at TUSK music Festival, Newcastle
Wölflinge w/ guest Karen Constance // Raising Holy Sparks // United Bible Studies -Hunters Moon Festival, Leitrim
'Sustain' -Wölflinge performance - National Sculpture Factory commission for Culture Night, Cork
Wölflinge and First Blood Part II with Adam Bohman, Black Sun/SoundEye at Triskel Christchurch, Cork
'Desk 13' Wölflinge performance for the Black Mariah  -Terminal Convention, Cork Airport
All Doggs Go To Heaven -The Quad, Cork
Wölflinge & La Société des Amis du Crime performances at Just Listen, Limerick
Strange Attractor lunchtime concert at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork
La Société des Amis du Crime -The Pavilion, Cork
Raising Holy Sparks, Galway house show

Wölflinge -The Pavilion, Cork
La Société des Amis du Crime -SPARK festival, Minneapolis, USA
Wölflinge -Tuam Earwig Arts Festival, Tuam Co. Galway
La Société des Amis du Crime -Sonic Vigil at Finn Barres Cathedral, Cork
La Société des Amis du Crime - UCC Bodies/Music conference
Fluxus pieces w/ Paul Hegarty /   Burdocks performance, Christian Wolff -Fools Errand event, UCC.

w/ The Quiet Club at the Triskel Substation
Sandra Ann Minchin’s Make Yourself Comfortable. Blood and Bandage at the Granary Theatre.
Wölflinge -Soundwaves2, Cobh
Culture Night Sound Art Event w/ Danny Mc Carthy, Harry Moore, Tony Langois -Cork
Guest w/ Over at Black Sun -Granary Theatre, Cork
La Société des Amis du Crime -Tweak/Soundings, Limerick
Mersk/Female Orphan Asylum -Sonic Vigil at Finn Barres Cathedral
Wölflinge -Cyprus Ave, Cork
Wölflinge -Galway (w/ Paul Hegarty -Sally Longs), Dublin (Eamonn Dorans), Cork (w/ Paul Hegarty -Fred Zeppelins)
Wölflinge  w/ Paul Hegarty (supporting Mick Flower + Chris Corsano) -Galway Social Space
Live electronic music score for Meridian Theatre Company's workshop during Blood and Bandage at the Granary, Cork
Stet Lab -The Roundy, Cork
Female Orphan Asylum -Junko -Anseo, Dublin.
Wölflinge w/ Paul Hegarty (supporting Ben Frost) Pavilion, Cork
Wölflinge w/ Vomit Nest at Black Sun at the Granary Theatre, Cork
Female Orphan Asylum -Anseo, Dublin
United Bible Studies-The Boom Boom Room- Album Launch
“From The Dust, New Worlds Emerge”. Record Presentation by Vicky Langan (with performance) at the Guesthouse, Cork
Wölflinge DJ set -Spalpin Fanach, Cork
w/ Phil Minton’s Feral Choir at Instal Festival, Glasgow
Wölflinge -The Black Mariah gallery, Cork
Wolflinge -Trickster Club, Berlin
Female Orphan Asylum -Anseo, Dublin
Guest performer at Stet Lab monthly improvisation night. -The Roundy, Cork.

Guest artist with The Quiet Club (w/ Danny McCarthy and Mick O Shea) -An Cruibin, Cork.
Wölflinge and Vomit Nest duo (w/ Indian Jewelry) -Fred Zeppelins, Cork.
Wölflinge (w/ Nadja) -The Whisky, Cork.
Female Orphan Asylum -Black Mariah event. The Other Place, Cork.
w/ Weirding Vessel -Colour Out Of Space Festival. – Brighton, UK.
Female Orphan Asylum -The Whisky, Cork.
Female Orphan Asylum -The Pavilion, Cork.
DJ for closing party of Contemporary Outsider Arts Festival, Limerick. Curated by Daniel Vais. -Daffys, Limerick
Guest artist with The Quiet Club (w/ Harry Moore and Mick O Shea) -Safehouse curated by Paul Hegarty, The Guesthouse, Cork

Eachtra 'car-performance' -Art Trail ‘Theatre Of Trading’ -Popes Quay, Cork.
Phil Minton’s Feral Choir -Colour Out of Space Festival, Brighton, UK
United Bible Studies  (w/ Yellow Swans) -Baker Place, Limerick.

United Bible Studies -Roisín Dubh, Galway.
Beautiful Maladies DJ set  -Broken Social Scene Heineken Green Room Sessions event -The Warwick, Galway.
United Bible Studies (w/ Circle) -Bakers Place, Limerick.
Eachtra (w/ Larkin Grimm) -Riddlers, Limerick.
Eachtra (w/ Larkin Grimm)-The Tikki Lounge, Cork.

Eachtra -Unitarian Church, Cork.
Eachtra  -Art Trail launch, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.
Participating artist in Sonic Vigil, Art Trail. -St Finbarres Cathedral, Cork.
Beautiful Maladies -Weekly DJ residency -Club One, Cork.2005
Eachtra  -dotdotdot event, Granary Theatre, Cork.
Eachtra live accompaniment for Super-8 film festival screenings. -Unitarian Church, Cork.
Agitated Radio Pilot -Beamish Folk Festival, Sin E, Cork.
United Bible Studies  -Beamish Folk Festival, Sin E, Cork
United Bible Studies (w/ Josephine Foster and Mi and L’au)-Dolans, Limerick.
United Bible Studies (w/ Josephine Foster and Mi and L’au)-Roisín Dubh, Galway.
Eachtra  -Art Trail, Soundworks concert, Sean O Riada Hall, Music Dept, UCC.
Eachtra  -ENSO event, Hynes’ Car Park, Galway.
Eachtra -dotdotdot event, An Cruiscín Lán, Cork.

Eachtra -UCC New Music Concert Series, Aula Maxima, UCC.
Vicky Langan and Breandan O’ Ruaidh  -Live score for Aimé Césaire’s A Tempest, Granary Theatre, Cork.