Between 2003 and 2007 I produced and presented my own weekly music radio show on Cork Campus Radio 98.3fm. During that time, I also presented a weekly late-night show on a pirate radio station in Cork called Freak Fm. I used to play a wide range of music across both platforms - mostly experimental folk and improv from the Irish underground and beyond, unusual sounding folk music from around the world, pre-war blues & gospel, noise, free jazz etc. In 2005, my friend Aoife Barry and I had our own weekly indie-ish club night at Cork's Club One (now the Crane Lane).

From 2007 on, I started DJing in places like Gulpd and Plugd Records at the Triskel Arts Centre, the Black Mariah gallery on Washington Street and various other art galleries and bars whenever I was called upon. I've been invited to play records for festivals, events and venues like Tusk Festival in Newcastle, Café OTO in London, the Cork Film Festival, Plastik Festival of Artists' Moving Image, Cúirt International Festival of Literature, Wild-screen at Connemara's Inagh Hatchery, Experimental Film Society, and the Contemporary Outsider Arts Festival, Limerick.

I also DJ alongside my husband under the name 'Glocke & Aaaa'. These are usually very focused sets of far-out experimental music.

I still love folk music, trad, and early blues and gospel, but more than anything, I love getting the opportunity to share contemporary experimental music. It's great to have the freedom of playing 'punk/weird/whatever' sets but equally, I get a kick out of having to stick inside strict parameters (for example, the Cork Film Festival event where myself and two friends played a night of blues dating from the time of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, or my annual set at Soundeye, Cork's experimental poetry festival, which gives me a unique opportunity to play hours of sound poetry, spoken word and experimental vocal music.) 

If you'd like to invite me or Glocke & Aaaa to play records for a gig, festival or opening of some kind, get in touch via the form below!