Irish Free-Folk and Improv

Older collaborations with the Deserted Village collective and friends, 2004 -— 2010s

Eachtra, a six-piece chamber improvisational group. L-R: Áine Mangaoang, James Fortune, Vicky Langan, Bren Ó Ruaidh, Joanne Collins, Fabrice Fortune

From "The Arboreal Observatory" album - a lathe cut LP on Humbug. This improvisation took place on 28th August 2005 in Dolans in Limerick. I was just 18 years old and had met United Bible Studies for the first time the previous night in Cork, where my band Eachtra had played support to them in Cyprus Avenue. Within a few hours of meeting them, they had cajoled me into coming on tour and playing violin with them, Josephine Foster and Mi & L'au the following day.  I gave it up for music and the free electric band. If memory serves me right, the line-up was as follows: Gavin Prior, David Colohan, Áine O' Dwyer, Seán Mac Erlaine, Bryan O'Connell, Ivan Pawle and myself.
Plan B magazine

Plan B magazine

Vicky Langan and David Colohan met in 2005 when Langan joined United Bible Studies. She has contributed to numerous Agitated Radio Pilot and Raising Holy Sparks albums and live performances.


Friends of Deserted Village

The First Time of Asking: Chris Joynes - Acoustic Guitar, Vicky Langan - 'Electrical' Guitar

Watching the Fireworks: Aaron Hurley - Electric Guitar, Percussion, David Colohan - Mandocello, Tin Whistle, Vicky Langan - Violin, Paul O’Reilly - Vocals, James Rider - Accordion

Eddie Keenan w/ Vicky Langan - Vocals

The Same Figure (Leaving): Additional Fiddle – Vicky Langan

Sampler composition by Damien Donovan. Vocal - Vicky Langan