Hereunder now on Vimeo

Here's something myself and Max made back in April 2011. It was filmed in Galway and in Tuam, my hometown. A good portion of this was shot in the middle of the night in my Grandfather's shed. As an only child living with my grandparents, I spent a huge part of my childhood fooling around in there on my own.

I have a sad memory of spending a whole day trying to catch a Bánóg Bheag. Finally I had one clasped between my hands and it, fluttering wildly. I brought it to the shed to transfer it to a jar I had half-filled with india ink, naïvely hoping to help it get patterns on its wings. I forgot about the butterfly and found it drowned the following day. The shed was where I did my best exploring. Tools, rust, strange cans and tins, making up mixtures, climbing up the mountain of turf and sliding down again, finding dead birds, hammering nails into things. For me, so much of my head is tied up in that place.

So far, Hereunder has been screened at the Just Listen sound art festival in Limerick,
Hilltown New Music Festival, Westmeath, Cinekinosis in Bristol, the CineB Festival in Chile and at the Galway Arts Centre.

Hereunder from Vicky Langan on Vimeo.

Collaboration with Maximilian Le Cain 12 mins, HDV