Interview with Charlie McBride of the Galway Advertiser -May 17th

When I was a kid, my three friends and I split a newspaper round. We delivered the Galway Advertiser, all around St Marys Road, Henry Street, 'the West', Palmyra Avenue, Palmyra Park, The Crescent, all the way up to the very top of Taylors Hill. We'd come home from school on a Thursday and there'd be a big stack of them bound up for us, reeking of newspaper. You'd get a scissors and snap open the ties and *thacckk*, they'd all seem to breathe at once.

We each had our own way of loading them into our bags, our own preference of how to fold them just so, our favourite type of letter box, our favourite gardens on the route and we all had our own house that we dreamed of owning when we grew up.

We won 'deliverers of the month' when I was nine, and I remember being so proud, getting to visit the Galway Advertiser office to get our photo taken. Anyway, today felt a little strange remembering how 'everywhere' the Galway Advertiser is. I've been getting loads of nice messages and hullos from lots of people from my past who've happened upon the piece today in all sorts of places.

Click on the image to be brought to the online version. Thanks to Charlie for the great chat. He had some job editing my blather down I'd say. x