Searching For Nick Drake


Exhibition at Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda, Co. Louth.

This exhibition entitled ‘Searching for Nick Drake’ features a series of multi-media artworks and performances inspired by Nick Drakes’ work.  This exhibition touches upon themes of loss, the inevitable fragility of memories and the tenuousness of recollection.  Works range from lens based works to the DIY aesthetics of the Nick Drake fanzine.  The exhibition will feature work from the following artists;

A Lilac Decline, A Radience Enemy & Loner Deluxe , Ruth Beale, Burrows, Gavin Bush, Cubs, Jade Gilbert, Francis Heery, Johanna Lecklin, Danny McCarthy, Maeve McElligott and Lisa Barrett, Jonas Mekas, Benn Northover, Mick O’Shea, Tim Pope, Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon, Brigid Power-Ryce, Gavin Prior, Raising Holy Sparks and Vicky Langan, Michael Tanner, the Lonely Anchoress and Yawning Chasm.

About Nick Drake

Following a period of deep depression, the musician Nick Drake died on the 25th of November, 1974 of a prescription drug overdose. Nick failed to find the recognition he had so desperately sought during his lifetime. No moving image documentation of the adult Nick Drake exists. Nick emerges as an enigmatic figure layered by tales and experiences of others who tried to draw him into their lives. As his father, Rodney, said of Nick,

“And I remember in one of his reports towards the end of the time at his first school, the headmaster gave him a very good report, but said at the end that none of us seemed to know him very well. And I think that was it.  All the way through with Nick. People didn’t know him very much.” 

The exhibition will open on Wednesday 6th August at 7pm and will feature performances by Loner Deluxe, Cubs, Phantom Dog beneath the Moon and Gavin Prior. It will run until the September 28th 2014