Vicky Langan at the 343, Belfast

Huge thanks to Dawn Richardson from The 343 and Peter O’Neill from Imagine. The Belfast Festival of Ideas & Politics for inviting me to be artist-in-residence during the festival. I loved my time attending a multitude of festival events, working at the 343 and exploring Belfast.

The new work I shared last night stemmed from my time spent at the Carrickfergus salt mine and I’m indebted to the workers there for not running me off-site when I showed up unannounced one day. The recordings are raw, unprocessed and strange. Microphones buried in huge mountains of salt, my hands manipulating every surface, digging, scratching, clawing, fingering, sweeping, unearthing, reburying etc. Am keen to stay with it and revisit the site in the near future to expand on it some more.

Many thanks to all who attended last night’s event, and to my husband Dave for joining me on the decks after the performance! Goodbye, Belfast!