Inside | Cinemateca Nacional del Ecuador, Quito

After the great success of its first edition, the National Cinematheque 'Ulises Estrella' of the House of Ecuadorian Culture presents, with great joy, the II International Festival of Experimental Film: The quenfoca eye , from Wednesday 6th to Wednesday 13 February at the cinema hall Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco. 
This second exhibition pays tribute to one of the most important figures in the history of experimental cinema, Jonas Mekas (1922-2019), founder of Antholoy Film Archives (one of the focal points of experimental cinema) and the first film critic for the Village Voice, a newspaper cult New York.
This year, the exhibition has exceeded all expectations, receiving hundreds of experimental works from around the world. Not only the immense creativity and power of the filmmakers, but also a flood of generosity and need to expand new audiovisual senses as many people in the world, perhaps a sign of the need for paradigm shift in everyday stands.
The exhibition aims to reveal a diverse and full of meaning audiovisual universe. New and innovative techniques and artistic possibilities, alternative forms of expression playing with creative and perceptual freedom: images, compositions and visual motifs that can be seen from another perspective, less rational and more sensitive, whose stylistic features stand out the foundfootage, granulated photography, fragmented assembly, non-fiction, entropy, breaking classical conventions lighting, framing and composition, the use of sound as a key element and evident, among others.
The National Cinematheque, for the second consecutive year has the support of the SAI (Experimental Film Society) directed by Rouzbeh Rashidi, the largest producer and disseminator of experimental cinema in the world, it is pleased to host the replica of the third edition of Camera Lucida Festival, film Meetings, one of the programming projects and creating major experimental cinema in the region, held in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. Its programming includes a sample of the Platform Hunger, an observatory and laboratory dedicated to research, dialogue and production of critical and sensitive thought contagion and put in relation to the film (s) experimental, born in Brazil.
The open call had great success, receiving proposals from various countries: Ecuador (Antonio Romero, Orisel Castro, Neudel York, David Estrella, Wilmer Pozo, Libertad Gills, Gustavo Valle, Jhonatan F. Carchi, Stefano Murillo and Ana Benitez), Mexico (Dianela Mariana Torres, Carlos Cruz, Amalisa D. Quagliata), Peru (Paola Vela), Colombia (Edna Juliet Sierray Ricardo Perea), Cuba (Orisel Castro), Spain (July Lamaña). Of Argentina (Esteban Radice, Nicolas Matte, Julia Ivorra and Narcisa Hirsh), Chile (Martin Bauss and Camila Star), Paraguay (Paz Encina). US (Marco Zambrano, Péter Lichter, Scott Barley and the proposal An Infinite Loop of Resistance, Michael Wood I -shown at the Rotterdam Festival and awarded at the Festival of short films Aix en Provence). Experimental Film Society, Ireland (Chris O'Neill,
In addition, through Cinemamuseo, there will be a specific selection of proposed works and Platform cured by Hunger: The Sun Quartet Collective The Weightless and Experimental feminine.