National Sculpture Factory

The Wire - Global Ear - Cork - August 2011

The Wire's Global Ear visits Cork in their August 2011 issue. Daniel Spicer takes a look at the Quiet Club, Strange Attractor, Black Sun (Cork), Wölflinge, SAFE, Vomit Nest, The Guesthouse, National Sculpture Factory, Sonic Vigil and the Crawford Art Gallery.

National Sculpture Factory -Dispatches 2011


Dispatches 2011 (outlining projects at the National Sculpture Factory from 2011)

"Wölflinge created a vunerable, visceral & physically charged sound-performance where Langan's body was tested to its limits, lying in a pool of manure while performing on a piano harp all the while labouring under its weight. Langan's discomforting and troubling rituals bring an intensity to the shared performance and a shared physical experience."