Score Trail

Hunter's Moon Score Trail 2013

A post on about the Hunters Moon Festival Score Trail 2013. Caroline and Jennifer Walshe invited a number of artists to visually respond to graphic scores from invited composers and the results were distributed throughout the Dock Arts Centre and the town of Carrick-On-Shannon.

My piece, Wire Music, After Bettystown  was a response to Japanese performer/composer/sound poet  Tomomi Adachi's graphic score For Piano and 2 Graters.  

Here is a link to a pdf of all of the work in the Score Trail. Features Erin Gee, D. Edward Davis, Travis Just, Anthony Kelly, John Godfrey, Joe Kudirka, James Saunders, Tomomi Adachi, Karen Power, Anton Lukoszevieze, Danny McCarthy, Amnon Wolman, Istvan Zelenka, Alvin Curran, Paul McGuire, Jennifer Walshe, Sandra Lulei, Vicky Langan, Natalia Beylis, Felicity Ford, Caroline Walshe, Gavin Prior.

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